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Warren Nicholson
Classical Guitar


"The good news is...that these classic/favorite guitar pieces are well-performed and receive nice interpretations...Nicholson just gives sensitive and sensible renditions with plain down-to-earth performances which are seemingly intended to present the music in good fashion." Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine (UK)

Nicholson displays a fine control of right-hand tremolo. The playing throughout is accurate, clean and thoughtful, …The guitar tone is lovely and the recorded sound is warm and clear.  Whole Note Magazine, ‘Strings attached’ section –Terry Robbins

My Delight of the Week! Pleasing, reliable solo guitar works.  Nicholson is not trying to break boundaries or prove anything with experimental works, he is just playing well loved works by well known guitar composers. Music that makes you say, "Ahhhhhh!" Kara Dahl Russell - Classical 89.5